Responsible Investing

Grafton is committed to acting as a responsible corporate partner, and that our investments are made responsibly. Environment, Safety and Governance(ESG) is a priority at Grafton and is fully integrated into how we acquire and operate our businesses to create value.

At Grafton Asset Management, we recognize that our success depends on the long-term health of the communities in which we conduct business. Grafton invests in the energy sector and a takes a long-term view on our investments. This approach dictates both our investment strategy and our commitment to ESG practices — we believe that value creation and sustainable development are complementary goals. Prioritizing long term results inherently demands a responsible approach. Without proper stewardship, investments become riskier and unhealthier. Our ESG approach reflects our expertise as owners and operators of real assets, which also informs how we do business. Experience has shown us that achieving success demands more than entering into legal agreements or obtaining licenses and permits: It is also vital to engage within the communities where we operate and become members of those communities.

Our entire organization is committed to excellence across all aspects of our business. Our goal is to ensure the well-being and safety of our employees and partners by providing safe work environments and implementing Non-discriminatory hiring practices. We also aim to mitigate the impact of our operations on the environment and to be actively engaged with our stakeholders, and we always work to be good corporate citizens. Finally, we strive to conduct our business according to the highest ethical standards by continually monitoring our policies and procedures against best practices.
Among the 500 largest companies in the world, only 10.9% of senior executives are women. Both research and our own experience tell that this is a matter of opportunity, not capability. From our founding, Grafton has recognized our responsibility to mentor women and create opportunity, but also the advantage of developing talent that may be hindered elsewhere. Research also shows that a company is more profitable and respected when they have more women in leadership positions. Grafton’s has reaped the benefits of making this mentorship a priority and enjoys a diverse and capable leadership team.


Grafton Responsible Investment Policy

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