Power and Renewables

Grafton’s approach to renewable & infrastructure investing is to find exceptional opportunities with sustainable growth, capital stability, and high upside potential, while continuing our commitment to responsible investing.

Precipitous growth in the renewable energy sector has reached a tipping point – Renewables are forecasted to see the most growth of any energy sector in the coming decades. U.S. investment in renewables is expected to top $360 billion by 2030, with global investment expected to reach $11 trillion by 2050.

In partnership with John Bobenic, a veteran power industry executive and entrepreneur with 35+ years of experience, Grafton created Daytona Power Corp. to focus on the development of a portfolio of highly targeted power infrastructure assets that support the intermittency of renewable energy sources. With fossil fuels’ portion of power generation declining and the significant increase in forecast electricity supply from renewable sources, solutions to support this intermittency are becoming more and more important. The U.S. Administration has been fostering a favorable regulatory climate to streamline required approvals to advance large scale infrastructure projects (including energy storage). Daytona Power Corp. is an excellent addition to Grafton’s portfolio in the near-term and long-term trends ensure its value going forward. Grafton has assembled a team representing decades of experience in the power sector to manage this investment with an eye to the future.

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