2016 Canada’s Most Powerful Women – Top 100

Geeta Sankappanavar: Co-Founder, President & COO, Grafton Asset Management


An international thought leader, unrelenting advocate for women’s equality and a committed philanthropist, Geeta Sankappanavar helped set the strategic direction for Grafton Management and grow it to Canada’s third-largest energy investment firm in less than five years. She has been recognized for her entrepreneurial skills, business acumen, expertise and leadership as a senior woman in business.

Early and Lasting Lessons:

“I was never the smartest person in the room. My differentiator is that I would just work harder than anybody else, to go so above and beyond that I became indispensable. Also, things are not always what you think they are as you are experiencing them. This is a lesson on the value of embracing transformations and pivots in your road ahead, both personally and professionally.”

What will it take to Increase Gender Equality in my Industry:

“Two things equally: The eradication of conscious and unconscious gender bias at all levels; the continued willingness of each generation of women to continue to fight for recognition of their achievements and demonstrate measurable positive impact on their business.”

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